Your Body and Soul

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Sometimes it's our soul that needs to get rid of baggage so that the body can start to heal.  I have found that needed repair here.


When you feel great your soul sings.  Live as God intended and shed the physical baggage holding you back.     

What's on your running list?

I have a few songs that are on my running list that really help when I get to that 3 mile mark.......who am I kidding....when I get to the half-mile mark!  I'm going to post mine here.  Please share yours, too!

My Running Songs:

The Latest and Greatest


Read about my journey and ways I feel you can ignite your body and soul.

 What I Did

  • Get Back Up - Toby Mac
  • Up Up Up - Rose Falon
  • Beautiful - Christina Aguilera
  • Stronger - Mandisa
  • Defying Gravity - Wicked
  • Stronger - Kelly Clarkson
  • Perfect Red Onions


If you find great resources to help you stay in shape physically or spiritually, please let me know.  I follow some great Christian women on Pinterest that always pin some great things.  It's always nice to have other resources in your arsenal/tool box!  Please use the contact me tab or email